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Block Rockin' Beats

Block Rockin' Beats was made to play on a Saturday night when we were DJing in London. It was made for a very specific dance floor so it was wild to see it go off and connect around the world. It was really influenced by our hip hop love.

This track was the most straightforward to mix on the album. The song had been written and arranged the year before and we just mixed it on the first day of the album session and it was done. Steve Dub making it sound amazing as always.

Incredible video by Dom and Nic who also made the video for 'Setting Sun' on this album. They are amazing directors and we’ve been lucky to work with them loads over the years.

Block Rockin’ Beats - always on standby when I’m DJing. Has a special power to set things off just when you need to.

Block Rockin’ Beats artwork