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This always felt like a monster whilst making it, it spirals out of hand, messy and fast and noisy. Was trying to write a riff for it and being bored by the normal sounds I was getting.

The intro features the legendary DJ Kool Herc on the mic. The recording was made at a concert we played at Irving Plaza in NYC in 1996.

Another track with a great bassline. This is an album of great basslines and lots of distortion - a great combo.

The end section was inspired by the record Psych Rock by Pierre Henry, an avant-garde composer who made this amazing camp rock record, with a combination of electronics and rock guitar. I remember trying to play it on the guitar and failing and coming up with something different and then putting it all backwards and it sound good. We put some good delay effects on it.

There was a lot of debate on this track about whether we could play it on Radio 1, Now they play it and they don’t even blink an eye.

The video is directed by Spike Jonze and features Sofia Coppola doing some impressive gymnastics

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