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Setting Sun

It was exciting to hear this record on the radio - it did feel like it was somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be, really. BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show didn’t like it so they took it off air half way through.

Noel Gallagher really did well here. It was almost a way to sneak a really extreme record into popular culture by having him on it.

We were doing all the reverse reverb on the vocals. It was in the time when you still did it on proper tape. It would take ages to record all the reverb, flip the tape around, and then you’d think ‘oh it’s not long enough’ and you’d have to record it all again.

A proper rave video for Setting Sun directed by Dom and Nic.

Remember the day it went to No 1. We were all around Tom's brother's flat in Battersea. Although Virgin could have told us whether the record had got to No 1, Tom and Ed hadn't wanted to know in advance of the chart rundown. Hard to really process how massive it was that Setting Sun went to No 1. Chemical Brothers were still an underground dance act. And it's a fucking properly crazy sounding record.

Setting Sun artwork

This song was engineered by John Dee, one of the few songs we’ve recorded not to have been worked on with Steve Dub. I remember John playing it to his mum when it went to No. 1 - she was not keen.