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It Doesn't Matter

The bass drum to rule them all. It makes you glad to be alive, this track.

We played It Doesn’t Matter at the Manchester Warehouse Project, might be my fave Chems track, and the baddest bass drum.

We played this a lot live - some of our crew got a bit bored of it as we’d do a 20 minute version.

It’s got a sample from this 60s psychedelic band called Lothar And The Hand People. We were buying a lot of weird psychedelic records from Standout Records on Blenheim Crescent. I used to go to that shop all the time and there was this kind of wizard figure. He knew I liked electronics and psychedelic music so he would store me anything that somehow fitted into that kind of thing. He was an amazing music guide and I bought lots of good and inspiring records from him. This record came from his shop.

They were into the idea, and when we played a gig in Denver one of the guys came along, and he was so cool. When he saw our show with all the mad visuals, bug sound system, and all these people freaking out, he was saying ‘that’s what we were trying to do in 1972 and now you’re doing it’. It’s weird when you sample someone and then you meet the person, it can be a very interesting thing. He was so positive about it all. It’s quite a mad, nihilistic piece of music and he was saying, that’s it, you got it there.