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Lost In The K Hole

Have been subsequently told that a K hole doesn’t sound like this, we were imagining a cavernous duvet den…

The idea of a K hole seemed pretty alien back in 1997. I think the phrase had come back from America with them, this mad thing that people were doing over there - Robin Turner.

Segs Jennings plays bass on this. He also played on “Leave Home”, “I’ll See You There” and “Surface To Air”. An amazing bass player and a legendary comical force.

We were using this special new piece of technology to try. We wanted the little tinkly sound to go round your head. We tried lots of different panning that moved the sound from left to right, but it still wasn’t quite enough. Then we borrowed this machine from Roland or Yamaha who’d made something new. If you listen now with headphones, it does feel like it’s going behind your head, it’s quite good. We spent ages trying to get this sound to move outside of the speakers.