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The Private Psychedelic Reel

The Private Psychedelic Reel artwork

The song to finish the album, nowhere to go after this. This took a long time to do, there were lots of different versions.

I really remember this because I wanted the whole track to phase. Now there’s such thing that it’s an easy thing to do. I remember on the desk we had two versions of the track. And then there was a section of faders that had a pencil sellotaped to them, and we had one load go into this thing called a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase. There were a lot of takes of trying to do it so it caught a good sweep of the phase. So you’d be on the desk, and to group the faders together so you could move them all at the same time we had a pencil sellotaped to it, and moving it around and trying to get a good one.